Illustrated History of New Zealand
Illustrated History of New Zealand
Stenson, Marcia
Whitcoulls, 2003. Illustrated History of New Zealand tells the story of New Zealand's short but dramatic history. Marcia Stenson's succinct and lively text is brought to life by over 200 colour and black and white photographs and illustrations. Beginning with the days when moa ruled the land, this book covers all the important events, key people and major themes of our history. Among other things it includes: the arrival and settlement of the Maori; European explorers; missionaries; the Treaty of Waitangi; the gold rush; and fighting both inside and outside New Zealand. Illustrated History of New Zealand also takes a thematic approach where appropriate - looking at things like the role of government and the way our daily lives have changed over time. This is an essential reference guide for every home, and both children and adults will learn from its fascinating content.
Second hand Hardback