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A Man Called Intrepid - The Secret War 1939-1945
A Man Called Intrepid - The Secret War 1939-1945
Stevenson, William
"A Man Called Intrepid" is the chronicle of the world's first integrated intelligence operation and of its chief, William Stephenson, whose code name "Intrepid", and bold mission were given to him by Winston Churchill. In 1940, when the survival of Britain and the fate of free nations hung perilously in the balance, "Intrepid" was charged with maintaining the closest possible but most guarded covert communication between Churchill and President Roosevelt, and also with establishing, from virtually nothing, a worldwide intelligence network that would challenge the staggering force of the Nazi juggernaut. The brilliant result of that mission, presented here in significant detail, was one of the best-kept secrets of World War II...
Second hand Paperback
9780722181574 9780722181663