From Rails to Rubber - The Downhill Ride of New Zealand Trams
Stewart, Graham
Grantham House Publishing, 1994, 128 pages. For half a century electric trams carried generations from their homes to school, to university, to sports, to work, to the theatre, to weddings and funerals - they were the link between home and the outside world. In the years following the Second World War, New Zealand was slowly recovering from shortages brought about by wartime conditions - so much of our vital infrastructure was in need of urgent replacement, upgrading and modernisation. With big changes to our urban transport services on the horizon, Graham Stewart recorded with his camera the changes as they occurred in the four main centres and in New Plymouth, Wanganui and Invercargill - cities that had established electric tramway services in the early years of the 20th century. This portfolio of photographs gives a graphic close-up look at life in these urban centres 50 years ago: the people and the fashions; the trams and the buses, the streetscapes, the motor vehicles. It provides an insight into a past age of city life before we all became reliant on the motorcar - when people had an affection for the public transport vehicles they rode. The author witnessed all this history as it unfolded in front of his camera.
Second hand Paperback