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Tunguska: Cauldron of Hell - It Came; It Destroyed; It Vanished
Tunguska: Cauldron of Hell - It Came; It Destroyed; It Vanished
Stoneley, Jack
Seventeen minutes and eleven seconds after midnight on the last day of June, 1908, an immense, searing ball of fire ripped into the atmosphere and exploded with the appaling fury of a thirty megaton nuclear bomb. Nearly eight hundred square miles of forest where flattened, mighty tree trunks were wrenched out of their roots -- an explotion many times greater than Hiroshima which reverberated twice around the world. Fearful gasses and radiation on the wings of a scorching wind consumed herds of reindeer along the banks of the river Podkamennaya Tunguska. Forty miles away, men were thrown into the air and one horror-stricken herdsman was left speechless for seven years. No fragments, no crater, no evidence of 'the thing's' original form. It came; it destroyed; it vanished. An exploding comet? A tiny black hole that drilled through the earth and emerged in the North Atlantic? Monster anti-matter? Or, strangely consistent with the facts, could the source of diabolic power have been a space ship? An alien Kamikazi crew whose atomic engine pulverized in the split-second inferno and commited the alien souls to the CAULDRON OF HELL?
Second hand Paperback