The Way of the Samurai
The Way of the Samurai
Storry, Richard and Forman, Werner (photography)
For about 700 years Japan was dominated by a military caste - the samurai. At first a group of mounted warriors who defeated two Mongol invasions, they later perfected their combinations of chivalrous ideas and literally suicidal courage in centuries of civil wars between local daimyos or feudal barons. Finally, in about 1600, the chief of one clan, the Tokagawa, succeeded in establishing himself as shogun or generalissimo of all Japan. With the cooperation of the still powerful samurai and the acquiescence of succession of puppet emperors, the shoguns ruled Japan until 1868, when the power of the emperor was restored. But the way of the samurai had left an indelible mark upon the attitudes, as well as the history, of all Japanese...
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