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Waikato Troopers - History of the Waikato Mounted Rifles
Waikato Troopers - History of the Waikato Mounted Rifles
Stowers, Richard

Records the history of cavalry and mounted rifles in the Waikato from 1860 through to the present day.
The history includes:
- the Waikato War of 1863-64
- Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Hamilton Cavalry Volunteers (1869 onwards)
- Waikato troopers in the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
- First World War 1914-19, including Gallipoli, Sinai and Palestine
- The buildup to and the Second World War 1939-45, including a history of the Divisional Cavalry during the Second World War
- Post-war history and recent peacekeeping roles
The book covers extensively both war and peacetime activities of the Waikato Mounted Rifles, the longest serving military unit in New Zealand. The Waikato Mounted Rifles unit is still in existence today and is the only Army unit based in the Waikato.
360 brilliant photographs - nearly all of which are previously unpublished. The book is worth purchasing just for the photographs alone - many are double-pages.
Section on History of the Waikato Mounted Rifles (Past and Present) Association. Comprehensive lists of serving members from 1860 to the present day (approximately 4000 names), many with personal details. Lists of ALL killed and wounded in the First World War.
Illustrations and descriptions of Waikato Mounted Rifles badges.

Good secondhand condition. Large indentation across front and back boards.

Second hand Hardback