Munich - The Price of Peace - The Definitive Account of the Fateful Conference of 1938
Taylor, Telford
In March 1939 Adolf Hitler's legions drove into Prague, smashed the government of Czechoslovakia, and occupied the country. It was a flagrant violation of the agreement Hitler had signed at Munich only six months before, and led directly to the Second World War. In Telford Taylor's words, Munich and Prague 'shattered the pre-existing power structure of Europe and 'appear in retrospect as a nodal point in the course of modern history.' Here Taylor traces the military and diplomatic alignments and machinations in Europe from versailler to Munich and its aftermath. Controversey still swirls around the Munich Agreement, which Taylor analyses with rare objectivity and insight, in a narrative leavened with grace and humour. In this drama there were two leading actors - Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. 'It is Chamberlain - whose name today is a synonym for appeasement and who is widely pictured as a pathetic old dodderer - who emerges in this work as an able and resolute leader and the dominant figure in the tragedy that was Munich...
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