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Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms
Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms
Terban, Marvin

Terban explains the meanings and origins (if known) of more than 600 idioms and proverbs in this intriguing book. Although no sources are provided, Terban has obviously done a great deal of research. In some cases, such as "open a can of worms," he discusses the meaning of an idiom without really explaining its origin and bizarre originality. In others, like "face the music," he provides more than one possible explanation. Each page includes one lightly comical line drawing of a child expressing feelings such as quizzical, annoyed, amused, or distressed. Not only is this a good resource for teachers who discuss idioms in the classroom but it also has some appeal for browsers, though readers who come looking for the logic behind the English language may leave thinking it "curiouser and curiouser."

Second hand Paperback