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Wrinkly Tin - The Story of Corrugated Iron in New Zealand
Wrinkly Tin - The Story of Corrugated Iron in New Zealand
Thomson, Stuart
Steele Roberts Ltd 2005 This is the story of corrugated iron - how the familiar black sand on our beaches eventually becomes the corrugated iron adorning our towns. Returning Kiwis recognise 'home' by the corrugated iron roofs perched on the hilltops. New Zealand is inconceivable without the stuff. From its earliest arrival to local manufacture, this book looks at all aspects of corrugated iron in New Zealand. It explores wrinkly tin's spread as a building material into the Pacific and the Himalayas, and shows its transformation from traditional cladding to today's fashion material and medium in the burgeoning corrugated art scene. With many images and interspersed with humorous verse, this is a book for everyone. Stuart Thomson has been associated with corrugated iron for most of his life, having worked as a plumber, sheet metal worker and roofer. In the 1970s he joined Sir Edmund Hillary's building programme in Nepal, and has also worked for New Zealand Steel as a development engineer. He now designs and builds in the Pacific...
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