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When God Speaks for Himself - The Words of God You'll Never Hear in Church or Sunday School
When God Speaks for Himself - The Words of God You'll Never Hear in Church or Sunday School
Tier, Mark and Forrai, George

Most Christians are astonished to learn that, when "God speaks for himself," he uses words you'll never hear in church or Sunday School: Gruesome, bloodthirsty massacres ordered by God -- Bible passages that will make your stomach churn; Bible passages that say the exact opposite of another Bible passage, sometimes in two consecutive verses! Bible passages that contradict what you "know" Jesus was born in Bethlehem -- wasn't he? (Page 35). And he gave his Sermon on the Mount on the mount, right? (Page 13). And of course David killed Goliath with a slingshot (didn't he? -- see page 40); Obvious inconsistencies about the Virgin Birth, Original Sin, and other central tenets of Christianity -- to which the churches' only possible answer is: "have faith"; Simple questions about such Bible favorites as the Creation, the Flood and Noah's Ark that make Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs seem far more realistic;

Plus: extracts from official church documents, some kept hidden for centuries, including the actual words of the Inquisition's reasoning and verdict on Galileo; a collection of pointed and often hilarious quotes and comments from skeptics and believers from all over the world...and much more.

In sum, in When God Speaks for Himself you'll find the answers to dozens of questions you simply would not have been allowed to ask in church or Sunday School.

Second hand Paperback