100 Ways America is Screwing Up the World
100 Ways America is Screwing Up the World
Tirman, John
This title offers a serious-minded - but often humourous - look at the bad example set by the greatest nation to the rest. A response to right-wing screeds, this is a look at how the greatest nation on earth is setting a bad example from politics to agriculture to pop culture, and what should be done to correct the course. With it's revered ideals, can-do spirit, and unlimited strength, America has been a beacon of inspiration for the world. Yet today, the policies espoused by political and business leaders in power are damaging our reputation and setting a terrible precedent. Taking a page from the right's playbook, Tirman uses the same take-no-prisoners style to argue for the liberal agenda, showing how such bad influences as George W. Bush, WalMart, Halliburton, gangsta rap, Disney, SUVs, Marlboros, and Chicago Bulls jerseys are hurting us and the world. "100 Ways America Is Screwing Up The World" is an intelligent, powerful call to arms for Blue America and its allies worldwide....
Second hand Paperback