Talk Dirty to Me - An Intimate Philosophy of Sex
Talk Dirty to Me - An Intimate Philosophy of Sex
Tisdale, Sallie
This work about pornography offers an analysis of the industry. Much of the author's research has been carried out in Britain and her examples are drawn from literature, mythology, psychology, animal and human sexual rituals, and her own experience. Tisdale journeys through gender and desire, romance and pornography, prostitution and morality, fantasy and orgasm. She takes the reader behind bedroom doors, to peep shows, to sex shops and to the British Library's pornography collection, still kept under lock and key. Tisdale interviews prostitutes, transsexuals and Freudian analysts, integrates her findings with research from people as diverse as Masters and Johnson, Thomas Aquinas and Robert Graves, and brings it all down to earth with her own personal experience and feelings. This is a portrait of sex and sexuality today...
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