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The British Bus Story - 1946-1950 - A Golden Age
The British Bus Story - 1946-1950 - A Golden Age
Townsin, Alan
Judged from about 35 years later, the post-war years 1946-50 look like a golden age for the bus industry. The numbers of passengers carried on urban, inter-urban and even country services were rising towards a peak considerably higher than anything seen before, and extremely unlikely, on present form, ever to be seen again. By 1950, Britain had a bus and coach industry that offered an exceptionally comprehensive network of services and facilities. It was possible to travel by regular bus or coach services almost 'from anywhere to anywhere' on the mainland of Britain. Withing urban areas, frequent services gave a standard of facility in getting from place to place which played it part in improving the efficiency of commercial as well as the convenience of domestic life...
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