London - A Concise History
London - A Concise History
Trease, Geoffrey
London is an Italian invention. Before the Romans crossed the Thames in AD 43 and consolidated that feat with a bridge and a radiating network of roads, there was not so much as a cluster of mud huts. From then on, as the Roman Londinium, the Anglo-Saxon Lunderneric, the London Town of Mayor Walworth and Wat Tyler, it grew and developed and spread. Dunbar's 'flowers of cities all,' Spenser's 'most kindly nurse', which, to Dr. Johnson had 'all that life can afford', became Cobbett's 'Great Wen', and Shelley thought Hell 'a city much like London'. It is an enduringly fascinating story, with 'a cast of thousands': Fitzstephen, friend of Thomas a Becket, to whom 'the only inconvenience of London is the immoderate drinking of foolish persons'; Burbage, the actor-manager and his fellow player Will Shakespeare; clever, amorous Samuel Pepys; Boswell, whose London Journal is a mine of good quotes; the Prince Regent and John Nash who designed Regent's Park; and many many more. The story is taken to the lurid, heroic days and nights of the Blitz, the Second Fire of London, and the period of reconstruction that followed...
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