Te Ika Whenua Rivers Report
Te Ika Whenua Rivers Report
Waitangi Tribunal Report 1998
Published by GP Publications, Wellington, 1998, A4 size, 181 pages. The claim in this report concerns the mana and tino rangatiratanga of the hapu of Te Ika Whenua over the Rangitaiki, Wheao, and Whirinaki Rivers and their tributaries. These rivers have their headwaters in the Urewera and Kaingaroa plateau. The claim relates to the middle reaches of the rivers, which flow through Te Ika Whenua's traditional rohe down to the Galatea Plains. In 1840 the Crown guaranteed to the hapu concerned, pursuant to the Treaty of Waitangi, te tino rangatiratanga and full exclusive and undisturbed possession of the Rangitaiki, Wheao and Whirinaki Rivers for so long as it was the wish of those hapu to retain them.
Second hand Paperback