The London Journal of Edward Jerningham Wakefield
The London Journal of Edward Jerningham Wakefield
Wakefield, Edward Jerningham and Stevens, Joan (editor)
Alexander Turnbull Library Monograph No. 4 Alexander Turnbull Library Endowment Trust and Victoria University Wellington, 1972 Edition limited to 750 copies Edward Jerningham, son of Edward Gibbon Wakefield, spent the years 1839-1844 in the New Zealand Company's settlements at Wellington and elsewhere. On his return to England, he worked up his Journals into the book Adventures in New Zealand, published in 1845 as propaganda for the Company's cause. He continued his'journalising' in a diary of his life in London in 1845-1846. This notebook, recently discovered, evokes in vivid detail not only the Company manoeuvres in that crucial year, but also the activities of a foot-loose young man in the London of the day, whose status as a 'new author' brought him contacts with famous men, Thackeray among them....
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