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THOR Program - Resistance Training for Hormonal Optimization
THOR Program - Resistance Training for Hormonal Optimization
Walker, Christopher and Kuoppala, Ali
Your hormones are at the core of your body's ability to perform and kind of metabolic process...to really perform everything. They play a vital role in determining your mood, your physical ability, your cognition, even your digestion...Everything is either directly or indirectly controlled by your hormones. They are basically your body's powerful messengers. Unfortunately, the health and fitness community is not in line with this or simply doesn't realize it! They're all focused on vanity... on simply getting bigger arms or chiseled abs. It's a shame that people go after those pursuits blatantly in the face of their health. What's even worse it that they will often leverage fake hormones - like anabolic steroids - to achieve these goals...On top of that, they end up wrecking their hormones in the process by doing crazy crash dieting and eating in a way that does NOT support hormonal homeostasis and training in a way that is completely counterproductive to their health! This is why I created the THOR program...What Is The THOR Program? THOR stands for Testosterone Hormonal Optimization Resistance Training. Through vigorous research, studying, and personal experimentation, I developed what I believe to be the most optimal hormonal workout program - The THOR Program. This is hands down the complete and best way to train your body...It is designed specifically using power movements and having a strength progression with those power movements to facilitate an adaptive response in your muscle tissue.
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