Early Wellington
Early Wellington
Ward, Louis E.
Southern Reprints, Papakura. No date stated but 1990's. Green hardback. Facsimile edition with poor reproduction of photos. 544pp. " I feel honoured by being allowed to introduce to the notice of my fellow Colonists this most interesting book of Mr. Ward's." " It contains a mass of information regarding the founding of the City of Wellington and its Pioneers. It was at Wellington that the first settlers brought to New Zealand, by the New Zealand Company, landed, and immigration to our Dominion was inaugurated." " The book gives information that, if it can be obtained elsewhere, which is in some cases doubtful, would necessitate great research." " It is fortunate for our history that such a book has been published, and to it those anxious to know of the beginnings of our Colonial life must appeal." " It is a book that we can pass on to our descendants; they will, on perusing it, appreciate it and feel proud of their decent, and it will inspire them to live for their country." - from the preface by the Right Hon. Sir Robert Stout, P.C., K.C.M.G., D C.L., Oxon., LL.D. Manchester and Edinburgh, M.L.C.
Second hand Hardback