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Killer Caldwell - Australia's Greatest Fighter Pilot
Killer Caldwell - Australia's Greatest Fighter Pilot
Watson, Jeffrey
Clive 'Killer' Caldwell was a born pilot, a superb shot, and a natural leader. Acknowledged as Australia's greatest fighter pilot, he shot down 28 enemy aircraft - German, Italian, Vichy French and Japanese. His greatest day was when he flew straight up, and through, a formation of German planes (clipping the wings of several on the way) and turned around and shot down five planes in the space of 18 seconds. After service in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and North Africa, he was recalled to Australia at the time of the Japanese bombing raids on Darwin. He performed superbly in the air, but ended his career in the famous 'Morotai Mutiny' in the Dutch East Indies in 1945. MacArthur had sidelined Australia's best and bravest pilots, rather than sharing the glory of returning to the Philippines. There was an official inquiry which disciplined all those involved - and not least for their part in the smuggling of alcohol and cigarettes...
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