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The Life of Guy Menzies - The Forgotten Flyer
The Life of Guy Menzies - The Forgotten Flyer
Wearne, Max
The is the story of the first solo flight across the Tasman Sea. No one had ever flown the Tasman solo, let alone in a single-engined plane. Guy Menzies, a 21-year-old from Sydney, accomplished the feat in January 1931 in an Avro Avian. The flight took a little under twelve hours.This book traces Guy's spirited life through to its conclusion during WW2. Joining the RAF, Guy flew on flying boat operations out of Singapore. Then returned to Europe serving with Coastal Command, tasked to return the Emperor Haile Selassie back to Ethiopia after the Italians had been ousted. Lastly to the Mediterranean, where he was killed in action off the Sicily coast on November 1st, 1940, aged 31 years...
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