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Chaim Soutine
Chaim Soutine
Werner, Alfred and Thams & Hudson
In the life and work of the Russian-French painter Chaim Soutine (1894-1943) the universality of art is strikingly exemplified. Born in a shtetl in the Tsarist Pale of Settlement, educated briefly in Minsk and Vilna, and then in Paris, at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts, Soutine developed an individual style that places him within the Expressionist tradition, which had its origins in German painting. Thus in Soutine's work the use of colour and form serves primarily emotional ends. He poured his soul into his paintings. His feverish intense personality is stamped on his vivid canvases - portraits of servants, working people, chance acquaintances, still lifes of fish, chickens, butchered meat, contorted trees and landscapes - sometimes brutal, always powerful. Soutine'sbreathtaking colour and free and furious application of pigment contributed new brilliance and depth of feeling to School of Paris painting. Soutine lived and painted in relative isolation, from a deprived childhood in Russian Poland, as a struggling artist in Paris, and as a fugitive hiding from the Nazis, under which circumstances he died while seeking medical help...
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