Molehunt - The Full Story of the Soviet Spy in MI5
Molehunt - The Full Story of the Soviet Spy in MI5
West, Nigel
In May 1951 Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean slipped hurriedly out of the country. Within days they had reached Moscow. From that day to this, the British Security Service has been in torment. Somebody had tipped the traitors off. Evidence of Maclean's duplicity had been accumulated over a long period but, just when MI5 was about to intercept him, he fled. Only a limited number of counter-intelligence officers knew of the plan to question Maclean, so the field was limited. The hunt for the mole was on. From that day to this a whole series of top-level investigations has followed. Names have been suggested, oblique accusations made, mistrust has eaten away at the morale of the organisation but the truth has never been revealed. Until now. Now Nigel West has answered the questions and the results are stranger than any fiction and twice as compelling...
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