The Big Lie
White, John Baker
During World War II rumour ran wild. In enemy countries many of the rumours which gained most credence were not the result of idle speculation. They were ideas, deliberately thought out and planned in London, disseminated among the enemy population by British agents. Their objects were to undermine morale, to stiffen Resistance Movements in Occupied Territory and to win over wavering neutrals. There were other deceptions, physical "feints" involving men and machines; faked papers, maps and photographs; even a corpse was pressed into service in this war of the mind - The Big Lie - used to harass, puzzle and trick the enemy into making a false move, or no move at all! This book gives a brilliant picture of this neglected aspect of war. The author writes with authority as he was responsible for inventing "rumours" and preparing the leaflets and broadcasts intended for enemy forces. Among the many deceptions he describes are: Operation Torch, the Overlord deception, Major Martin ? the Man who Never Was, the Burning Sea, etc. He also provides a most revealing study of the German method of psychological warfare actually in force in the years prior to 1939, to further the "Peaceful Intentions" deception of Hitler....
Second hand Hardback