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Bohemian Style
Bohemian Style
Wilhide, Elizabeth
What is Bohemian style? Bohemian Style is economy-minded but never dull. It?s lively, idiosyncratic, exuberant, attention-getting, and above all, intensely decorative. Bohemians know how to create style on a shoestring, improvise furnishings from cast-offs, and conjure up magic from the mundane. Bohemian Style is packed with resplendent examples detailing the origins of this innovative style and its influence on design today. This inspirational guide covers the entire history of Bohemian style, from the cooperative endeavors of William Morris and his circle to Augustus John and members of the Bloomsbury Group to the major influences of Picasso, Modigliani, and the Beats. Bohemian Style provides fantastic alternative paint techniques; one-of-a-kind approaches for walls and flooring; tips for utilizing ?found objects? in design; examples of ways to use soft furnishings; and even advice for taking Bohemian style outdoors. Dozens of inspirational color photographs combined with clear, understandable text makes this a never-ending source of ideas for free spirits to tap into, experiment with, and create an exceptional look all their own.
Second hand Paperback

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