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One Mountain Thousand Summits - The untold story of tragedy and true heroism on K2
One Mountain Thousand Summits - The untold story of tragedy and true heroism on K2
Wilkinson, Freddie

K2 is the world's second-highest mountain. 'The Savage Mountain', as it's often called, is regarded by climbers as far more challenging than Everest. When 11 men perished on the slopes of K2 in August 2008, it was one of the single deadliest events in Himalayan climbing. Yet none of the surviving Western climbers could explain precisely what happened. Their memories were admittedly fogged by exhaustion, hypoxia, and hallucinations. The truth of what occurred lies with four Sherpa guides who were largely ignored by the mainstream media in the aftermath of the tragedy, who lost two of their own during the incident, and whose heroic efforts saved the lives of at least four climbers. Based on his numerous trips to Nepal and interviews he conducted with these unacknowledged heroes, the other survivors, and the families of the lost climbers, Freddie Wilkinson presents this insider's account. At once a critique of the mainstream press's less than complete coverage of the tragedy, a comprehensive report of what actually happened on the mountain, and an incisive journey into the lives of the six Sherpas who were involved, this is a dark portrayal of the hubris, racial tensions, and ethnic ambiguities that threaten to consume modern mountaineering. It is also an honest portrait of how heroism can transcend these divisions.

Second hand Trade Paperback