Train Your Brain to be a Genius - Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It
Woodward, John and Seidlitz, Serge and Smith, Andy (illustrators) and DK
How can a brain calculate like Einstein, paint like Picasso, or compose like Mozart? Inside this book, kids will discover how our amazing brains work, from memory and creativity to problem solving and personality. They'll learn about brain surgery, how machines "think," animal intelligence, and the work of famous scientists like Albert Einstein and George Washington Carver. Throughout the book are awesome activities that let budding geniuses put their gray matter to the test and see how they measure up to some of the greatest thinkers ever! From mazes to memory games, kids can test themselves with a series of mind-expanding puzzles, games, and optical illusions that will sharpen their wits and keep their brain on its toes! Packed with funny and bold color illustrations, this kid-pleasing volume helps readers explore the incredible potential of the mind while showing them the fun side of science!...
Second hand Hardback