Freyberg's War - The Man, the Legend and Reality
Freyberg's War - The Man, the Legend and Reality
Wright, Matthew
Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg was head of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force during the Second World War. He was admired for his easy manner with his soldiers and subsequently became a national hero. He was also appointed governor-general of New Zealand after the war. Freyberg's War examines his handling of the major New Zealand activities of the war: Crete, North Africa and Cassino. Freyberg came under attack from other commanders and more recently from historians such as Antony Beevor for his role in these battles. He has been blamed for misreading intelligence messages on Crete and for the destruction of the monastery at Cassino - but was he really at fault? Matthew Wright refutes these claims and others, drawing on a range of new material (the unpublished diaries of his PA Sir John White) to dispel the myths that surround this complex figure. He shows Freyberg as a versatile and forward-thinking leader, often at odds with his command, whose approach to war has been misunderstood by those who didn't know him.
Second hand Paperback