Notes from the Languedoc
Notes from the Languedoc
Wright, Rupert
Domens, 2003. Good second-hand condition. It is easy to get to the Languedoc. Follow the Rhone south through France, then once you hit the Mediterranean coast, turn right. The mystery is that for generations, people have been getting to the sea and turning left to Provence. This lack of attention means that the Languedoc is France's last undiscovered Mediterranean secret. Now Rupert Wright and Peter Glynn Smith introduce you to the region's winemakers, oyster farmers, canal people and celebrated inhabitants, living and dead, Including Montpellier's dynamic Mayor, Georges Freche, and local matador Juan Bautista. You will learn about the Lanhuedoc's troubled and fascinating history, visit bullfights and boar hunts, and hear about the writers and artists that have lived and travelled in this intriguing land.
Second hand Paperback