Troublemaker: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty
Troublemaker: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty
Wu, Harry
In 1995, Chinese-born American citizen Harry Wu touched off an international incident when he was arrested in China for spying. As rumors swirled that Hillary Clinton's long-planned trip to Beijing depended on Wu's release, the world wondered: Who was this troublemaker? According to Wu, he is just one of thousands of "nameless, faceless people" who needlessly suffer and often die in the vast prison-labor system that is China's dirty little secret--a secret that Wu has risked his life to reveal. Now, Harry Wu takes us on a soul-searching odyssey as he traces his bold effort to reenter China and expose its atrocities. We join him on covert trips to labor camps and to the hospitals where organs of executed prisoners sell for top dollar, witness the emotionally wrenching pilgrimages to the graves of persecuted friends and family, and, finally, brave the long months before his arrest when he feared the Chinese government might once and for all make a martyr of their number one troublemaker.
Second hand Paperback