The French Foreign Legion - The Inside Story of the World-Famous Fighting Force
The French Foreign Legion - The Inside Story of the World-Famous Fighting Force
Young, John Robert
There is no more famous fighting force than the French Foreign Legion. Since its foundation by royal decree of Louis Philippe in 1831, the Legion, with its unique aura of mystery and heroism, has fascinated the outside world. Today's Legionnaire is the direct heir to a long line of great adventurers - men whose military achievements in Europe, in Mexico, in Africa, in Southeast Asia have indelibly associated them with danger, endurance and incomparable camaraderie.At last, the curtain of secrecy has been pulled aside to reveal the Legion's inner workings to the sensitive camera lens of John Robert Young. From southern France and Corsica to South America and Africa, through fifty thousand miles of travel and three hundred rolls of film, John Robert Young shared the Legionnaires' life as unobtrusive participant and keen observer, imbuing his photography with the honesty of true experience.Erwan Bergot, himself a veteran of the heroic battle of Dien Bien Phu, contributes a lively history of the Legion's triumphs and tragedies in all corners of the world - from its desert beginnings in Algeria to its most recent peace-keeping role in Beirut complemented by a selection of rare and telling illustrations from the Foreign Legion's own archives. Finally, a wide-ranging reference section provides a wealth of fascinating information: details of the Legion's existing regiments, with their histories, battle honors and present duties; significant items of uniform and equipment; special customs and traditions; the national origins of the 600, 000 men from more than a hundred countries who have filled the Legion's ranks; the fist of campaigns in which 35,000 of them have laid down their lives; even the names, as unexpected as Cole Porter and the King of Serbia, of some former Legionnaires.Here is the complete picture of the French Foreign Legion-as it was and as it is unsurpassable, unrepeatable and totally enthralling....
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