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It wouldn't be the school holidays without a trip to Arty Bees!

Children's books galore in store!

We have over 100,000 books in our store but only a small number on our website. If you can't find the book you want, use the book query and someone in the shop will have a look on the shelf for you. 

Latest Additions

Drinking for Chaps - How to Choose One's Booze
Temple, Gustav and Smith, Olly
The Great Snape Debate - The Case for Snape's Innocence AND The Case for Snape's Guilt
Berner, Amy and Card, Orson Scott and Millman, Joyce
Critical Knowledge Transfer - Tools for Managing Your Company's Deep Smarts
Leonard, Dorothy and Swap, Walter and Barton, Gavin
Ardizzone's Hans Andersen - Fourteen Classic Tales
Andersen, Hans Christian and Ardizzone, Edward (illustrator) and Corrin, Stephen (translator)
The Discontented Dervishes and Other Persian Tales from Sa'di
Scholey, Arthur and Rushton, William (illustrator)
Christie, Agatha and Allen, Richard (illustrator)