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 We are selectively buying books.

Please, NO more Children's Books this month!

However, if you are looking to buy Children's Books we have an amazing range!

We have over 100,000 books in our store but only a small number on our website. If you can't find the book you want, use the book query and someone in the shop will have a look on the shelf for you. 

Latest Additions

30-Second Theories
Parsons, Paul
Charles Dickens and His Circle
Hawksley, Lucinda
Beauty Masks and Scrubs
Stavert, Elaine
I'm Here to Win
McCormack, Chris
Think Like a Freak
Levitt, Steven D and Dubner Stephen J
A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea
Fleming, Melissa
Unsinkable, The Full Story
Butler, Daniel Allen
The Most of Nora Ephron
Ephron, Nora
John Drawbridge - Wide Open Interior
O'Brien, Gregory with Strongman, Lara and Barnett, Gerald and Macdonald, Robert
Myths and Legends of the Polynesians
Andersen, Johannes C.
Just Kids
Smith, Patti
The Odyssey
Audrey - Her Real Story
Walker, Alexander
Musee D'Orsay - Art and Architecture
Gartner, Peter J. and Konemann
The Louvre - Art and Architecture
Bartz, Gabriele and Konig, Eberhard and Konemann
Civil War - Oxford World's Classics
Lucan and Braund, Susan H. (translator)
Thunderbirds are Go - IR Official Guide
Lothian Children's Books
Pour Me a Life
Gill, A.A.