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See our range of Rare and Antiquarian titles at

See a little of our beautiful city at theOfficial Wellington Tourism Website

The Karori Historical Society promotes the local history of Karori, a suburb of Wellington, New Zealand, including the History of Karori project. 
"The Karori Historical Society is currently undertaking research into the history of this Wellington suburb and its people. We would be interested to hear from any one who has any memorabilia relating to Karori from early days to current times, in the form of either letters, diaries, family photographs, or oral history tapes."

The Shadow of Time site boasts an impressive selection of obscure historical information that will keep you busy for hours. Fossick through military rolls, shipping passenger lists, early NZ settlers, NZ teachers, NZ university graduates, 19th century NZ Cyclopedias, military pensions, Regiment of 4th Light Dragoons, Newspaper reports and obituaries, and many other assorted genealogical topics. A research service is also available.

The Wellington Area Roleplaying Game Society, W.A.R.G.S. is a club that meets monthly to support, play and organise roleplaying games. 

Visit their website to find out when the next meeting is being held, make some new friends, and receive a membership card that gets you a 10% discount at many fine establishments — including Arty Bees Books.

Or you can go straight to their parent website - NZ Roleplaying and Gaming Webzine - NZ's premier Roleplaying and Gaming website. 
Their members come mainly from roleplaying clubs around the country, including SAGA (Christchurch), WARGS (Wellington), VUW Games Club (Wellington), and AMERICA (Auckland) - Check out where to find the club nearest you.

Slow Boat Records buy, sell and trade* both new & used records and CDs and other music-related items and have been a Wellington institution pretty much forever, not to mention (in our old premises) long-time neighbours and friends. Luckily for our bank accounts they are now 3 entire blocks away and not 10 metres across the street, but this shouldn't put you off especially as you can let your fingers do the walking with their comprehensive online catalogue.
*Hey that sounds familiar...

The Society for Global Philosophy is a local University Cultural Club whose aims are to promote global philosophy, encourage the discussion of issues, promote better understanding between the diverse philosophical traditions, demonstrate the relevance of global philosophy, encourage active student participation and basically get philosophical!

And you don't have to be a Victoria University Student to join!

Nathan's Second Chance is a free downloadable game entirely created by our own wonderful Tim, and it is proving to be very popular. 
We have certainly all enjoyed it at Arty Bees, and we're not just saying that because he bribed us all with masses of Chocolate Brownies. 
In fact he didn't bring us any chocolate related items at all... ...there's something very wrong with this situation!

And new in 2009 Tim's new games including Run Boots Run and The Pretender are available on

Three Monkeys and The Phoenix SF Society
These two websites are respectively, the personal site of Ross, (friend, customer, and SF fan and critic) and the official website of the Phoenix SF Society, a local fan group of which Ross is on the committee. 
So if you are a local, are interested in science fiction, and would like to meet some nice people with similar interests, this is the place to go. - Go your way with the essential online New Zealand travel guide.

For those of you who are keen on earthquakes, we like the Geological and Nuclear Sciences Website for checking out the latest in rumblings and book toppling events.

For more ramblings of a bookish nature check out Paul Ridder of limited-editions-books in Ashburton. He and his very beautiful dog Goldie are in the process of getting their web site up and going, but have already got a regular blog online which is very entertaining.

Goldie - CEO (Canine Executive Officer of limited-editions-books)

The official Discworld Stamp site 
Going Postal was one of my favourite Terry Pratchett Discworld novels, not only because it embodied all the usual genius that we have come to expect from the honourable and esteemed Mr Pratchett, but also because it is one of the finest satirical portraits of the mania of collecting ever written. Utterly brilliant. And I'm obviously not the only one who thinks so because there is an entire site devoted to Discworld stamps that you can actually buy!!! 
Check out the Little Brown Envelopes (LBEs) for a random collection of some of the most beautiful and completely insane items of postal art ever produced, or go the whole hog and get first day covers, limited edition franked stamps and commemorative stamps.

"To commemorate the issue of the of the Unseen University stamps a special First Day Cover is being issued.
The envelope will feature the three new Unseen University stamps, a new UU frank, and will contain a commemorative insert which is guaranteed to spontaneously combust in the presence of thaumaturgical reactions.
Only 500 will be issued."

Other than working in a bookstore, I'd have to say that designing postage paraphernalia (stamp people are possibly even madder than book people) for imaginary worlds is right up there in my top five dream jobs. BGH

hoy there, me hearties... 
The Miramar Ship Index is an historical database listing both merchant powered ships of about 100 gross register tons and above, and naval ships of even smaller tonnage.
Actually, to be entirely correct this is not just a database, but THE database of ships in the world. Rodger was bored and wanted something to do.... 
This database is added to daily and updated monthly.

Jahri Jar Jar's Cool Kiwi Kids Books 
Boistrous, good natured and fun kids books by a talented Takaka writer / illustrater with illustrations that are bold and colourful and with great quality printing - with all the pages on nice thick glossy card that should survive little fingers and being taken to bed.

So our very talented Hamish has now got his own website at Hamish where you can check out some of his work and keep appraised of any upcoming gallery exhibitions.

BreakScore - A New Zealand designed board game of infinite possibilities, that's full of twists and turns, electrifying highs and heart-breaking crash 'n burns. This exciting and intriguing board game has many weird, wacky and wonderful moments that will appeal to 'creative' players, positive thinkers and thrill seekers! In this game there are no pre-determined winners ... as much depends on the dice, the cards and the fickle finger of fate! Win or lose, you'll have lots of FUN!

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand website is a great place to go for the latest in news, current events, competitions, book reviews, Conventions and lots more.