Anzac Day Hours:

Sunday 25 April - ANZAC Day 1-7pm

Monday 26 April - 12 -6pm


The Mayflower
Caffrey, Kate
Erebus - The Story of a Ship
Palin, Michael
The Lost Decade 2010-2020 and What Lies Ahead for Britain
Toynbee, Polly & Walker, David
The Mystery of Charles Dickens
Wilson, A. N.
Tibet - The Secret Continent
Peissel, Michel
The Eye - A Natural History
Ings, Simon
The Highlands and Islands of Scotland
MacDonald, Angus and MacDonald, Patricia
Dante's Divine Comedy
Dante and Longfellow, Henry W. (translation) and Dore, Gustave (illustrations)
The Great War 1914-1918
Ferro, Marc and Stone, Nicole (translator)