The World of Jane Austen
Nicolson, Nigel and Colover, Stephen (photography)
The Middle East After the Cold War
Harris, William and Leland, Louis S. (editors)
Schnellboot in Action - Warships No. 18
Connelly, T. Garth and Krakow, David L. (text) and Greer, Don and Gebhardt, Dave and Glenn, Darren (illustrators)
The Last Adventurer
Steiner, Rolf with Berges, Yves-Guy and Cox, Steve (translator)
Escort Carriers in Action - Warship No. 9
Adcock, Al and Greer, Don and Sewell, Joe (illustrators)
Human Cargo - A Journey Among Refugees
Moorehead, Caroline
Centurion in Action - Armor No. 13
Tunbridge, Stephen and Greer, Don (illustrator)
War on Iraq - What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know
Ritter, Scott and Pitt, William Rivers
Children of the SS
Henry, Clarissa and Hillel, Marc and Mosbacher, Eric (translator)