We are buying books again.

Please ring first if you have more than 3 boxes to bring in.


Michelle Obama In Her Own Words
Rogak, Lisa (editor)
Russia - A Short History
Ascher, Abraham
Aimee and Jaguar - A Love Story, Berlin 1943
Fischer, Erica and McCown, Edna (translator)
The Empire of Havana
Cirules, Enrique and Marti, Jose (editor)
The Guns of August 2008 - Russia's War in Georgia
Cornell, Svante E. and Starr, S. Frederick (editors)
Jenkins, Roy
Storyteller - The Life of Roald Dahl
Sturrock, Donald
Sully - The Untold Story Behind the Miracle on the Hudson
Sullenberger, Chesley B. with Zaslow, Jeffrey
Paul Revere's Ride
Fischer, David Hackett
A Short History of the World
Blainey, Geoffrey