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Homeland - Oral Histories of Palestine and Palestinians
Lynd, Staughton and Bahour, Sam and Lynd, Alice (editors)
The Price of Glory - Verdun, 1916
Horne, Alistair
The Patter - A Guide to Current Glasgow Usage
Munro, Michael and Glasgow District Libraries
If Only They Could Talk
Herriot, James
Kingdom of Fear: Popular Penguins
Thompson, Hunter S
Perfumes and Cosmetics in the Ancient World
Dayagi-Mendels, Michal
Botham - My Autobiography
Botham, Ian
Die KampfPanzer von 1916-1966
Von Senger, F. M. & Etterlin
German Warships of World War II
Taylor, J. C.
Warships of World War II
Lenton, H. T. & Colledge, J. J.