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A Daughter of Isis - The Autobiography of Nawal El Saadawi
El Saadawi, Nawal and Hetata, Sherif (translator)
Bodleianalia - Curious Facts about Britain's Oldest University Library
Cock-Starkey, Claire and Moller, Violet
M48 - Modern Combat Vehicles 4
Tillotson, Geoffrey
Testament of Youth
Brittain, Vera
French Legends, Tales and Fairy Stories
Picard, Barbara Leonie
Japanese Tales and Legends
McAlpine, Helen and McAlphine, William
The Voyages of Columbus - The Great Discovery
Taviani, Paolo Emilio
Canada: A Visual Journey
Lloyd, Tanya
The Fighting Sudanese
Jackson, H.C.
Cheshire V.C.
Braddon, Russell
Black Sea
Ascherson, Neal
Discovering Lascaux
Delluc, Brigitte and Delluc, Gilles
After the Stroke - A Journal
Sarton, Mary