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The Magic of Cornwall - Exploring the British Isles
Dyson, John and Reader's Digest
Soviet Military Power
Koenig, William and Scofield, Peter
Jane's Fighting Ships - 1950-51
Blackburn, Raymond V.B. (editor)
Armour in Profile - Nos. 1-24
Pugh, Stevenson (editor) and Roffe, Michael and Davies, Gordon and Leech, James and Broomfield, Keith and Percy, Runald (illustrators)
The Story of the Mary Rose
Bradford, Ernle
A Victorian Poacher - James Hawker's Journal
Hawker, James and Christian, Garth (editor) and Lamb, Lynton (illustrator)
Gender and the Politics of History
Scott, Joan Wallach
A Brief History of Infinity
Zellini, Paolo