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Cherryh, J C
Cherrhy, C J
We Are Never Meeting in Real Life
Irby, Samantha
Mission Flats
Landay, William
The Lazarus Project
Hemon, Aleksandar
Shafak, Elif
Thick as Thieves
Spiegelman, Peter
Sky on Fire (Monument 14 - Book 2)
Laybourne, Emmy
In at the Death (Settling Accounts 4)
Turtledove, Harry
Bosnian Chronicle
Andric, Ivo
Child, Lee and The Mystery Writers of America
The Performance of Becoming Human
Borzutzky, Daniel
Death of the Black Widow
Patterson, James and Barker, J D
Passenger 23
Fitzek, Sebastian
The Once and Future Witches
Harrow, Alix E
Then She Was Gone
Jewell, Lisa
The Rasputin Dagger
Breslin, Theresa
Best Summer Stories
Tuffield, Aviva (Ed)
Dick, Philip K
De Jong, Eleanor
Saunders, George