A Midsummer-Night's Dream
Shakespeare, William and Rackham, Arthur (illustrator)
Mr Salary - Faber Stories
Rooney, Sally
One Lady at Wairakei
Kipling, Rudyard & Ricketts, Harry (Introduction by)
Characters of Shakespeare's Plays
Hazlitt, William
The Nation's Favourite Comic Poems
BBC Books and Jones, Griff Rhys (editor)
How We Are Hungry - Stories
Eggers, Dave
Medieval English Literature
Garbaty, Thomas J.
The Summer Book - A New Zealand Miscellany
Williams, Bridget & Parsons, Roy
The Summer Book 2 - A New Zealand Miscellany
Williams, Bridget & Parsons, Roy & Missen, Lindsay
The Rough Guide to the Lord of the Rings
Simpson, Paul et al
Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible
Lee, Stan and David, Peter and Doran, Colleen
Jane Austen - In Her Own Hand
Austen, Jane and Strasbaugh, Joan (editor)
Dragon Rift
Mueller, Eileen
Marvel Masterworks, Volume 23: Dr. Strange
Lee, Stan & Ditko, Steve
Garber, Stepanie
Medea and Other Plays
Master and Commander
O'Brian, Patrick
Post Captain
O'Brian, Patrick