UPDATE - Selling books to Arty Bees.

We are accepting books for exchange at the moment.

We may buy selectively for cash, but please contact us first.


The Girl at the Lion d'Or
Faulks, Sebastian
A Legacy of Spies
le Carre, John
Island on the Edge of the World
Rodriguez, Deborah
Balthasar's Odyssey
Maalouf, Amin
The Invisible Mountain
De Roberts, Carolina
Snow Crash
Stephenson, Neal
The Day Watch
Lukyanenko, Sergei
Blood in the Water
Flynn, Jack
Bad Luck and Trouble
Child, Lee
The Colour
Tremain, Rose
Coco and Igor
Greenhalgh, Chris
Clara Callan
Wright, Richard B.
Faces and Masks
Galeano, Eduardo
The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette
Erickson, Carolly
Leonardo's Swans
Essex, Karen
A War of Flowers
Thynne, Jane
Miller, Andrew
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Chevalier, Tracy
Katharine, the Virgin Widow
Plaidy, Jean
The Dressmaker
Oberbeck, Elizabeth Birkelund