Children's Books

The Wind in the Willows
Grahame, Kenneth
Josephine off the Rails
Miller, Diane & MacLeod, Sheryl
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Grimly, Gris and Washington, Irving
Round the World with Ant and Bee
Banner, Angela
Show Off - How to Do Absolutely Everything One Step at a Time
Stephens, Sarah Hines and Mann, Bethany
Stories for Children
Wilde, Oscar and Thorne, Jenny (illustrations)
Best Fairy Tales
Andersen, Hans Christian
Blowin' in the Wind
Dylan, Bob and Muth, Jon J. (illustrator)
The 13 Clocks
Thurber, James and Simont, Marc (illustrator)
The Day my Bum went Psycho
Griffiths, Andy
Zombie Bums From Uranus
Griffiths, Andy
What Makes Me?
Winston, Robert and DK