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Children's Books

The American Boy's Handy Book
Beard, Daniel
The Beast of Buckingham Palace
Walliams, David
Americans Who Tell The Truth
Shetterly, Robert
The Nickle Nackle Tree
Dodd, Lynley
A Child in the Forest
Foley, Winifred and Newell, Tricia (illustrator)
30 New Zealand Stories for Children
Noble, Jo (Edited by & Elliot, David (Illustrated by)
The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl
Caldwell, Stella & Blake, Quentin
Stories of King Arthur and his Knights
Picard, Barbara Leonie
Santa is Coming to New Zealand
Smallman, Steve and Dunn, Robert (illustrator)
A Kiwi Jingle Bells
Morrison, Yvonne and Hinde, Deborah
A Creature Was Stirring
Goodrich, Carter
The Hush Treasure Book
Hush Foundation
24 Hours In The Kiwi Bush
Torckler, Gillian & Darryl