Children's Books

Lucky Luke 68 - Bridge Over The Mississippi
Fauche, X. & Leturgie, J.
Skiing to Danger
Allan, Mabel Ester
Dial 999 - P.C. Thirteen Investigates
Moorsom, F.G. (illustrator)
P.C. 49
Stranks, Alan and Moorsom, F.G. (illustrator)
Szekely Chris & Ross, Malcolm
Caesar - The Anzac Dog
Stroud, Patricia and Potter, Bruce (illustrator)
The Dumbest Crook Book
Gregory, Leland
True Green Kids - 100 Things You Can Do To Save the Planet
McKay, Kim and Bonnin, Jenny and National Geographic
The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story
Summers, John
The Marae Visit
Beyer, Rebecca and Wellington, Lynley Illustrated by Robinson, Nikki Slade
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
Hogarth, Grace (Editor)
The Klutz Book of Inventions
Cassidy, John & Boyle, Brendan
Ameliaranne's Moving-Day
Morris, Ethelberta
The Sword in the Stone
White, TH and Nolan, Dennis
The Voyage of the Arctic Tern
Montgomery, Hugh
Hazel and the Snails
Blanchard, Nan
Wilson, Yates
Macaroni Moon and Other Poems
Green, Paula
Hans Christian Andersen - Stories and Fairy Tales
Andersen, Hans Christian and Blegvad, Erik (illustrator)