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Arty Bees is now operating under Orange restrictions.

You can order via our website.  All web orders are delivered via courier and NZ Post. 

Store pick ups can be ordered online or organised by phone and email.

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Children's Books

The Rains
Hurwitz, Gregg
Planet Of Terror
Burston, Patrick
The Lifters
Eggers, Dave
Rock Manning Goes for Broke
Anders, Charlie Jane
Girl's Best Friend
Margolis, Leslie
The Dead of the Night
Marsden, John
Darkness, Be My Friend
Marsden, John
Take Three Girls
Crowley, Cath and Howell, Simone and Wood, Fiona
Prayer for the 21st Century
Marsden, John
High in the Clouds
McCartney, Paul
The English Roses
The Lonely Book
Bernheimer, Kate
Astle, David
Ghostly Beasts
Aiken, Joan
Pirate Diary
Platt, Richard
Judge Judy Sheindlin's Win or Lose by How You Choose!
Scheindlin, Judy and Tore, Bob