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5-8 November

Children's Books

The Oxford Book of Children's Verse
Opie, Iona and Opie, Peter
This Way to Sesame Street - 5 Books
Children's Television Workshop
Dear Professor Whale
Iwasa, Megumi
Speak to Me: Korero Mai - Animals
Chapman, Jenny
Speak to Me: Korero Mai - Home
Chapman, Jenny
Speak to Me: Korero Mai - Family
Chapman, Jenny
Boat (Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides)
Kentley, Eric & The National Maritime Museum
Going Solo
Dahl, Roald
A Kiwi Sleeps Standing Up
Osment, Michelle & Osment, Brendan
Kakariki And The Kai
Sloane, Julia & Hawley, Kevin
Kakariki and the Hangi
Sloane, Julia & Hawley, Kelvin
Kakariki and the Miti
Sloane, Julia & Hawley, Kelvin
Friends - Snake and Lizard
Cowley, Joy and Bishop, Gavin
Roald Dahl's Even More Revoluting Recipes
Dahl, Roald and Blake, Quentin (illustrator)
Skiing to Danger
Allan, Mabel Ester
Szekely Chris & Ross, Malcolm
Caesar - The Anzac Dog
Stroud, Patricia and Potter, Bruce (illustrator)
The Dumbest Crook Book
Gregory, Leland
True Green Kids - 100 Things You Can Do To Save the Planet
McKay, Kim and Bonnin, Jenny and National Geographic
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
Hogarth, Grace (Editor)
Ameliaranne's Moving-Day
Morris, Ethelberta
The Voyage of the Arctic Tern
Montgomery, Hugh