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Children's Books

Not-for-Parents - Asia - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
Hynes, Margaret and Lonely Planet
Attack of the Giant Bugs
Ponder, A J and Eli
Promised Land
Reynolds, Adam & Harris, Chaz
True Adventures for Boys
Wide World Magazine
Bella's Fringe
Munro, Marie Illus.Doragh, Rachel
Kuwi's Very Shiny Bum
Merewether, Kat
Te Hua Tuatahi a Kuwi
Merewether, Kat
The Little Kiwi and The Treaty
Robinson, Nikki Slade
Wizardology - A Guide to the Wizards of the World - Being a True Account of Wizards in the Known World
Howe, John and Gilbert, Anne Yvonne and Tomic, Tomislav and Ward, Helen
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis (Illustrated by John Tenniel)
Clubs - A Lolly Leopold Story
De Goldi, Kate
Earth Floor
Thomas-Edward, Max & Peckham, Chris
Train Your Brain to be a Genius - Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It
Woodward, John and Seidlitz, Serge and Smith, Andy (illustrators) and DK
Maiden Voyage
Poipoi, Jaimee & Reynolds, Adam & Harris, Chaz
The Stolen Stars of Matariki
Kamo, Miriama Illustrated by Waipara, Zak