Our next book club meeting is on Monday 9 August.  Our theme for this month is music.

Call or email us to find out more about the book club.



A Beer in the Loire
Barnes, Tommy
The Great Journeys in History
Hanbury-Tenison, Robin (editor)
Morris, Jan
Skyfaring - A Journey with a Pilot
Vanhoenacker, Mark
Whistling for a Wind
Landery, Charles
Lonely Planet - 50 Places to Stay to Blow Your Mind
Ryan, Kalya and Lonely Planet
Ultimate Travelist - The 500 Best Places on the Planet - Ranked
Noble, Karyn and Taylor, Ross and Mee, Nick (editors) and Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet's Global Coffee Tour - A Taster's Guide to the World's Best Coffee Experiences
Higgins, Mike and Mee, Nick and Zappaterra, Yolanda (editors) and Lonely Planet
Cook on a Cool Cat
Naydler, Merton
FitzRoy of the Beagle
Mellersh, H. E. L.
A Death in Brazil
Robb, Peter