The Best of Hide and Seek Melbourne - Discover the City's Best Hidden and Intriguing Places
Krafchek, Melissa and Proietto, Alison and Bennett, Michelle and Campisi, Dale and Adams, Emma (editors)
Lonely Planet - Panama
McCarthy, Carolyn and Fallon, Steve
Lonely Planet - Costa Rica
Vorhees, Mara and Harrell, Ashley and Kaminski, Anna
Lonely Planet - Nicaragua
Gleeson, Bridget and Egerton, Alex
The Road to Oxiana
Byron, Robert
The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon
Fielding, Henry
de Amicis, Edmondo
The Travels of Ibn Battutah
Ibn Battutah and Mackintosh-Smith, Tim (editor)
Lonely Planet - You Only Live Once - A Lifetime of Experiences - For the Explorer in All of Us
Schafer, Sally and Noble, Karyn and Crouch, Jessica (editors) and Lonely Planet
Secret Tibet
Mariani, Fosco and Mosbacher, Eric and Waldman, Guido (translators)
The Songlines
Chatwin, Bruce
Shadow of the Silk Road
Thubron, Colin
Hippy Days Arabian Nights - A Memoir
Boland, Katherine