The Blind Leading the Blind
Andrews, Stuart
1000 Ultimate Adventures
Kent, Alexander
Lonely Planet - The Travel Book -  A Journey through Every Country in the World
Ridgway, Alison and Holden, Trent and Lemer, Ali and Richards, Erin and Syme, Louisa and Whitfield, Kate (editors)
Lonely Planet Africa
Richmond, Simon and Armstrong, Kate and Clammer, Paul and Fitzpatrick, Mary and Lee, Jessica and Sieg, Caroline and Waters, Richard et al
Expedition South
Anderson, W. Ellery
Unforgettable Walks to Take Before You Die
Watkins, Steve and Jones, Clare and BBC Books
Desert Places
Davidson, Robyn
Lonely Planet - Italy
Bonetto, Cristian and Blasi, Abigail and Clark, Gregor, and Hardy, Paula and Sainsbury, Brendan and Wheeler, Donna
Congo Journey
O'Hanlon, Redmond
The Tigris Expedition - Signed Copy
Heyerdahl, Thor
The New York Times 36 Hours New York and Beyond
Ireland, Barbara (editor) and Taschen
Riders to the Midnight Sun
Llewellyn, Marc