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Our Winter operating hours are

Monday to Thursday 9am - 6pm

Friday 9am -7pm

Saturday 10am - 7pm

Sunday 11am - 6pm

Arty Bees is now operating under Orange restrictions.

You can order via our website.  All web orders are delivered via PBT Couriers or NZ Post. 

Store pick ups can be ordered online or organised by phone and email.

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The Penguin Book of the City
Drewe, Robert (Edited by)
Sharpe's Triumph
Cornwell, Bernard
The Labyrinth
Lohrey, Amanda
Sharpe's Havoc
Cornwell, Bernard
The Goldfinch
Tartt, Donna
Swan Peak
Burke, James Lee
Indridason, Arnaldur
The Fortunate Brother
Morrissey, Donna
McCabe, Patrick
The Deliverance of Evil
Costantini, Roberto
Paula Spencer
Doyle, Roddy
Havoc In Its Third Year
Bennett, Ronan
Clavell, James
A Plague on Both Your Houses
Gregory, Susanna
Flint, Eric & Spoor, Ryk E
The Stakes
Sanders, Ben
The Debutante
Tessaro, Kathleen
The Summer Of Dead Toys
Hill, Antonio
Days of Starlight
Harrison, Craig
Cleave, Chris
Marabou Stork Nightmares
Welsh, Irvine