Thanks to everyone who saw our note that we are buying again.
The response has been huge.
So huge that we need to slow down in order to get all the books
we have bought over the last 2 weeks on the shelf for you to buy.

We are still buying but selectively.
So, please call if you have more than 3 boxes.
Some sections are overflowing, particularly children’s, detective and cooking.

On a similar note if you are looking for
Children's books, detective novels or cook books, we have heaps of new stock.


Heir to Sevenwaters
Marillier, Juliet
The Red Daughter
Schwartz, John Burnham
What Could Be Saved
Schwarz, Liese O'Halloran
The Frenchman
Beaumont, Jack
Fearnley, Laurence
The Illustrated Pride and Prejudice Companion
Austen, Jane and Thomson, Hugh (illustrator)
The Queen's Fool
Gregory, Philippa
The Message - Five Codebreakers, One Traitor
Mai Jia and Milburn, Olivia (translator)
Cemetery Road
Iles, Greg
April Fool's Day
Courtenay, Bryce
Daud, Somaiya
The Cat and the City
Bradley, Nick
These Violent Delights
Gong, Chloe
The Emerald Tablet
Anastasios, Meaghan Wilson
The Wife Between Us - She's Not Who You Think She Is...
Hendricks, Greer and Pekkanen, Sarah
The Love That I Have
Moloney, James
We Are All the Same in the Dark
Heaberlin, Julia
Moonflower Murders
Horowitz, Anthony
The French Photographer
Lester, Natasha