The Basque History of the World
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Su-27 Flanker
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Red Stars Over Europe
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Camouflage - Field Manual FM 5-20
HQ, Department of the Army
Sevastopol 1942 - Van Manstein's Triumph - Osprey Campaigns No. 189
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Final Touchdown - The Last Days of East German Air Power
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Mikoyan MiG 21 MF Fishbed - Lock on No. 21 Aircraft Photo File 799
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Sukhoi Su-22 M3 - Lock On No. 27 Aircraft Photo File 938
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Russian Falcons - The New Wave of Russian Combat Aircraft
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Innocent Spouse - A Memoir
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Fame in the 20th Century
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The Battle of Bellewaarde - June 1915
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The Satyricon
Petronius and Arrowsmith, William (translator)
Urban Guerrillas
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