The Wisdom of Crowds
Surowiecki, James
The Last Two to Hang
Jones, Elwyn
Police Collectibles Pictorial Guide
Virgines, George
None of Your Business - Government Secrecy in America
Dorsen, Norman and Gillers, Stephen (Eds)
Hear Me Talkin' to Ya
Shapiro, Nat and Hentoff, Nat
Fame in the 20th Century
James, Clive
Irish Wedding traditions - Using Your Irish Heritage to Create the Perfect Wedding
Lichte, Shannon McMahon and Brentano, Patricia (illustrator)
Fire Lover - A True Story
Wambaugh, Joseph
Jack the Ripper - Summing Up and Verdict
Wilson, Colin and Odell, Robin
The Train Robbers
Read, Piers Paul
Den of Thieves
Stewart, James B
Florence - The city and its art
Berti, Luciano