The Brisbane River - A Pictorial History
Longhurst, Robert and Douglas, William
The Waterways of Sydney Harbour
Mathews, Phillip and Morrison, Reg
Civil War
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus
Road ot Heaven - Encounters with Chinese Hermits
Porter, Bill aka Pine, Red
Capitalism - A Ghost Story
Roy, Arundhati
Szubanski, Magda
Memoirs - A Twentieth-Century Journey in Science and Politics
Teller, Edward and Shoolery, Judith
The Book of The Thousand Nights and One Night - Volumes I-IV
Mardrus, J.C. (French translation) and Mathers, Powys (translator)
The Face Of War
Gellhorn, Martha
Ben Gurion - Prophet of Fire
Kurzman, Dan
Jerusalem - City of Mirrors
Elon, Amos
Intifada: Palestinian Uprising Against Israeli Occupation
Lockman, Zachary & Beinin, Joel
The 100 Most Pointless Things in the World
Armstrong, Alexander and Osman, Richard