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The Yankee Whaler
Ashley, Clifford W.
Halcyon House, Garden City, New York, 2nd edition 1942 Includes 111 glossy pages of photographs, sketches and paintings. Many colour plates. Originally published in 1926, just 2 years after the loss of the last square-rigged whaler, this book offers a detailed first-hand account of the whaling industry in its waning days. The name Clifford Ashley is synonymous with whaling at the turn-of-the-last century. Not only was Mr. Ashley a prolific writer, he was an accomplished photographer and a well-listed professional artist. He was also an avid collector of whaling memorabilia at a time before such collecting was not yet in vogue. He was one of the first to privately own and document the existence of the earliest dated American scrimshaw – that of Frederick Myrick on the whaleship Susan. Other books contain Ashley’s work, but this stands out as his masterpiece....
Second hand Hardback