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Big Smoke - New Zealand City People in the '60s and '70s
Big Smoke - New Zealand City People in the '60s and '70s
Daley, John
Godwit Random House 2004 edition, very good condition. "Arriving in Wellington on the overnight express from Frankton, a clear morning and that incomparable view across Port Nicholson as you emerge from the tunnel. My first big city, my first real job. Wellington, and the people within, were unknown to me and the possibilities for adventure seemed limitless." Through his 18 years of growing up in many New Zealand small towns, John Daley was fascinated by people in very much the way an entomologist is fascinated by insects in jars. He was seriously ready for a taste of the 'big smoke'. The photographing of city people, now entitled 'Big Smoke', came of Daley's curiosity about the inhabitants of Wellington and spread at holiday breaks to Auckland. Every available hour was spent walking the streets with his Pentax. People generally didn't know they were being photographed and he became adept at looking nonchalantly in other directions as he worked. This glimpse of Wellington and Auckland from the 1960s and 1970s confirms, for the 'people photographer', intuition is still the most powerful tool, aided by constant observation - some call it curiosity...
Second hand Paperback