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The Healing Power - A Handbook of Alternative Medicine and Natural Health in Australia and New Zealand
Drury, Nevill

The Australia and New Zealand Book Co. Pty. Limited, 1981. Minor wear at top of dustjacket spine, otherwise good secondhand condition.

?At present there is increasing dissatisfaction with many aspects of orthodox medicine. While many doctors try to treat specific symptoms and frequently prescribe expensive drugs with unfortunate side effects, natural healing therapists are more inclined to consider the whole person, both mentally and physically, in eliminating disease. As a result, the general public is becoming more interested in alternative healing therapies. Among the best known are acupuncture, chiropractic, herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy and iridology but there are many other techniques and approaches that can also be considered.

The Healing Power is one of the first books to contain such a broad analysis of the subject and also includes interviews with a wide range of practitioners from several countries.?

Second hand Hardback