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A Child in the Forest
A Child in the Forest
Foley, Winifred and Newell, Tricia (illustrator)
A classic account of childhood set over 60 years ago in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, this book brings to life the remote world of generations of miners' families. Blessed with a vivid memory and a natural ear for dialogue, Winifred Foley recreates the life of a warmhearted, loving family. She remembers the small, evocative details - the picture on the coffee tin where granny kept her important papers - so that her world lives again, sturdy, unsentimental, full of the good humour that was the cottager's natural response to a hard life. This book lends itself to illustration, and this new edition is decorated, in the syle of a medieval manuscript, with a series of illuminating borders that mark the changing seasons, and with many charming drawings....
Second hand Hardback

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